Grass Cutting at Boreat Manor

Grass Cutting at Boreat Manor in the Glorious Devon Sunshine – This week of wonderful weather has seen us busy at Boreat with Jim and Eddie out on the tractors cutting the grass in the paddocks.  The sweet-smell of the freshly cut fields is very evocative of a summer garden with freshly mowed lawns.   The once beautiful but untidy fields of tall grass swaying in the wind dotted with an abundance of wild flowers are now looking smart and well manicured ready for the onset of Autumn.    The next job is fencing the fields into manageable sizes paddocks a job for late September and the stocking of the restored ponds now we are sure the clay linings are holding the water.   There is no better place to be on earth than at Boreat especially on a day like today and there is never a time when there is not something that needs to be done.

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