Looking After the Countryside

Wildlife Pond

Boreat Manor is now a small holding of some 7 acres surrounded by 100 acres of farmland.   Over the last 3 years we have reinstated the ancient silted up and overgrown ponds in the meadows to create a haven for wildlife.  The ponds are now establishing themselves and the marginal planting has began to surround the banks of the ponds.  The upper pond feeds the lower pond and there is a small water fall running down a crevice in the steep bank.   The lower pond them overflows into a small stream which eventually finds it way to River Taw.    The largest pond is deep in the middle and we have allowed shelving for planting at intervals around the banks and to encourage wild life.   There is a gentle slope into the water from the far bank to allow wild ducks to get in and out of the water and for deer and other wild animals to drink from the pond.   The ponds are now teaming with wildlife, frogs, newts, toads, beautiful dragon flies and many more species of amphibians.  Canadian geese are regular visitors and mallards and moorhens are now breeding on the smaller of the two ponds.  It is delightful to watch them usually in the early morning swimming across the pond with a row of ducklings as many as 18 have been counted.  We have signs of Otters and have yet to actually see one as they are very shy creatures but we know they are on neighbouring properties.

There are a couple of small fishing nets in the games room for children to do some pond dipping to see what they catch from the banks or in the small stream.

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